Basic Addition and Subtraction

In light of the recent changes to the maths curriculum in the UK we have decided to postpone the creation of primary worksheets to instead focus on the new secondary maths curriculum. No secondary worksheet will be removed, but we will continue to add worksheets and resources for secondary schools to facilitate the changes.

The current worksheets will continue to use a leveling structure of 1 - 10, but as the curriculum stabilizes we will update them to reflect the new 9 - 1 grading system. The new worksheets going forward will only show the 9 - 1 grading system. Our aim is to make everything less confusing for you - bear with us as we get our heads around it too 🙂

All primary addition and subtraction worksheets for years 1 and 2 are available in a single download FREE exclusively for members. Please use the link below.

Download All Basic Addition and Subtraction Worksheets