UK National Curriculum Levels

Cazoom Maths Level System. Our levels have been updated to reflect the new 9-1 grading system. On each worksheet the relevant GCSE grade will be clearly indicated. We have also retained levels based on UK national curriculum levels (table below) as, even though they were officially scrapped in 2014, we know that teachers and parents find it easier if we indicate levels so they know how to pitch it for their learners. We still use the terms light, medium, and quick to indicate the pace at which the Cazoom sheet progresses through the topic which helps you to differentiate between learners at the same level who make progress at different paces. The worksheets are listed in a natural order of progression.

UK School YearAge LightMediumQuickGCSE Grade 9-1 (Formerly A*-G)
Year 16Level 1Level 1Level 2
Year 27Level 1/2Level 2Level 2/3
Year 38Level 1/2Level 2Level 3
Year 49Level 1/2Level 3Level 4
Year 510Level 1/2Level 3Level 4/5
Year 611Level 1/2/3Level 4Level 5
Year 712Level 1/2/3Level 4Level 5/6Grade 3/4/5
Year 813Level 1/2/3/4Level 5Level 6/7Grade 4/5/6
Year 914Level 1/2/3/4/5Level 6Level 7/8Grade 4/5/6
Year 1015Level 1/2/3/4/5Level 6Level 7/8/9Grade 6/7/8
Year 1116Level 1/2/3/4/5/6Level 7Level 8/9/10Grade 7/8/9