Rearranging Equations Worksheets

Changing the subject of formulae is an important skill in algebra, so prepare students well by using our rearranging equations worksheets for GCSE students. Our resources cover all the important information students need to know about rearranging algebraic formulae, and have plenty of questions and activities for practice. We have worksheets suitable for all levels, from putting equations in to the form y=mx + c, to rearranging complex equations with several functions. These resources are designed to help GCSE students gain confidence with rearranging formulae and help them achieve the best grades possible. Our rearranging equations worksheets with answers allow you to check students’ progress and pinpoint areas for revision.

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    Printable Rearranging Equations Worksheets for GCSE Students

    Printable Rearranging Equations Worksheets for GCSE Students All of our resources on rearranging algebraic equations are in PDF format, allowing them to be easily downloaded and printed. We offer a variety of activities to help GCSE students master rearranging equations, including a wealth of practice questions and some entertaining tasks involving changing the subject of formulae. Use Cazoom Maths for quality rearranging equations worksheets which prepare students for any question they might face.