Powers and Roots Worksheets

Our powers worksheets help students conquer this essential area of maths. We have resources available suitable for all levels and all abilities, starting from the basics of multiplying and dividing by ten up to more complicated problems involving negative exponents. Our powers and laws of exponents worksheets guide students through all the material they need to know, presenting this essential information in a clear, engaging and easy to follow format. All the powers resources available through Cazoom Maths are supplied with answers, so you can check how well students are doing and pinpoint areas for revision.

Multiplying and Dividing Exponents Worksheets

Our worksheets cover the whole breadth of the topic of powers and roots. After using our resources, students will be able to confidently multiply and divide exponents, understand the laws of exponents, and answer questions involving negative exponents. These resources break down the topic of powers into easily manageable chunks and help children on their way to success.

Explanation of Powers

When a number is multiplied by itself several times, it is usually represented in the form of a power.

Instead of writing 2 x 2 x 2 x 2, it is much more clear and concise to write 24. This notation is useful when studying algebra, and learning it well helps to prepare students for more advanced maths questions using exponents and logarithms. Powers are useful for making a very large or very small number appear less confusing and have a range of applications outside of the classroom.

Real-Life Applications of Powers

Powers are often used when measuring areas and volumes.

The area of a room will usually be given in metres squared, which is type of power and a simpler way of writing ‘n x n’. Engineers, construction workers and architects will all use these units when designing and building a structure, and it is useful for homeowners to understand this measurement in order to buy the correct amount of wallpaper or flooring.

Using Powers in Science

Those working in the science and technology industries will also require a solid knowledge of powers.

There are huge distances between cosmic objects such as planets, moons and stars, so astrophysicists use powers to represent these distances in a simpler fashion making them easier to work with. For example the sun is 149.6 million kilometres from Earth, which is more commonly written as 1.496 x 108 km. Powers are bound to appear during a student’s journey through life, so it is important to master the topic in school. Using powers worksheets both in and out of the classroom is an excellent way to support students’ learning and consolidate their knowledge, after all, you never know when they might need to understand powers.