For this week’s worksheet, I am sharing a brand new Pythagoras resource with you. This two page Pythagoras and Coordinates Worksheet is perfect for your Year 9 and Year 10 students.

Develop students’ understanding on the uses of Pythagoras’ theorem with this worksheet that focuses on the application of the theorem to calculate the distance between two coordinates.

Learners are guided through the process as they are encouraged to turn pairs of coordinates into right angled triangles in order to calculate the distance between two points. This is done over three sections that increase in difficulty and scaffolding is gradually removed.

Other problems for students to consider involve determining whether a set of three coordinates join to form a right angled triangle or not and using a given length of a line to find missing coordinate values.

Please download, share, and use this worksheet with your students or home learners.


WOYW: Pythagoras and Coordinates Worksheet for Year 9 and 10

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Multiplying Decimals A Example

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