Year 7 Fractions Worksheets

Printable Fraction Worksheets For Kids

We really do have a fractions worksheet for any type of fraction calculation your student will come across.

 If you need a worksheet for the more basic fractions calculations such as an adding fractions worksheet, or multiplying fractions worksheet to the more advanced mixed and improper fractions worksheet and equivalent fractions worksheet, simply download your desired paper to help your child or pupil learn all they need to know about solving fractions through a hands-on approach.

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Why Should Students Learn Fractions?

Many teachers find teaching students about fractions challenging, and many children find the topic complex and confusing.

So why should children as young as 8 learn about fractions? There are many reasons: understanding fractions is essential to progress through their maths education, and we use fractions in many aspects of everyday life.

Using Fractions in Our Daily Lives

Whether you are following a recipe, measuring something, or just trying to understand some statistics, chances are you will encounter fractions. 

In order to understand these measurements, you will draw upon the knowledge you learned in school. Fractions are inescapable in our daily lives, so it is important for students to learn to use and understand fractions from an early age.

Activities to Make Fractions Fun

At all stages of children’s maths education, there is a substantial volume of material to cover to make sure they make the required amount of progress. 

This can sometimes mean that teachers cover the topic of fractions very hastily, and children do not have adequate time to get their heads around the complexities of fractions. If children do not grasp fractions at an early stage, they might begin to struggle with the rest of their maths education and develop anxiety around the subject. For this reason, teachers should choose activities and worksheets which present all the information children need to know in a clear, easy to follow format, and make fractions fun for kids. Parents can help their children by giving them fractions worksheets to complete at home too.

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