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See below for some of our newly created KS3 and KS4 maths worksheets. We add new worksheets every week, and you can find the latest 25 resources added to the collection right here! As we regularly update our materials, be sure to check back frequently for new additions.

Each of our worksheets comes with clear instructions, offering support for both classroom teaching and home learning. We encourage you to explore our latest additions and use them to make maths an engaging subject for your students. Remember, we’re here to assist you in your teaching journey.


We have been working hard over the summer months on a range of new maths worksheets. The new worksheets will expand our offering to cover topics such as:

We will be uploading new maths worksheets every week for the rest of this year. If you have any requests for specific worksheets then just send us an email at support@cazoommaths.com and we will do our best to add that resource to the site. All our maths worksheets are now updated for the 9-1 system and you can expect to see our range of resources continue to expand over the coming months.


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