Blank 150 Rectangular Grid  Resource (Free Download)

Suitable for Year groups: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Blank 150 Rectangular Grid  resource description

This is a page of 150 blank rectanlges in a 10 x 15 layout.

Blank 150 Rectangular Grid

What is the resource?

This PDF provides a grid with 150 identical squares. Perfect for primary/early secondary pupils depending on the chosen activities given alongside it.


Why are rectangular grids important?

They're simple but have surprising power for building maths understanding:

  • Area concept: Each square is 'one', teaching how size is not just length, but length x width.
  • Skip-counting practice: Kids track progress in rows when counting by a value other than just one.
  • Times tables groundwork: Array models for visualizing multiplication are all about square arrangement.
  • Graphing foundation: Early plotting points teach that grids show the location/relationship of numbers.


Why is this resource helpful?

This format opens the door to flexible use depending on learner needs:

  • Not too big, not too small: 150 hits a sweet spot, challenging but less likely to overwhelm many kids.
  • Supports counting strategies: Provides a visual aid for those less 'fluent' at quick jumps (adding 3 each).
  • Patterning exploration: Coloring rows/columns reveals rules – great for primes, multiples, and symmetry.
  • Printable PDF: Teachers can issue the same tool differentiated with the task, not the sheet itself.

This 'visual support' helps kids make leaps independently. They 'discover' how maths works within a structured setting that gives confidence.



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