Completed Square Form Resource (Free Download)

Suitable for Year groups: 10, 11

Completed Square Form resource description

This resource provides quadratic equations written in their completed square form and their corresponding graphs. Each graph is also labelled with its turning point and y-intercept to show the relationships between the different forms.

Completed Square Form

What is the resource?

This PDF explains how to rewrite quadratic equations in 'completed square' form. Think of it as a special "tidy" format! Best for older secondary students.


Why is completed square form important?

More than just making equations prettier, it reveals amazing information:

  • Graph analysis: Instantly shows the turning point of a parabola graph.
  • Solving trickier quadratics: Some methods rely on the equation being in this form.
  • Advanced maths: This technique pops up in calculus and other higher-level topics.


Why is this resource helpful?

Completed square forms can seem like maths magic. This resource helps by:

  • Breaking it down: Offers clear steps on how to get to the completed square form.
  • Worked examples: Provide demonstrations of the process in action.
  • Visual aids: Uses squares and rectangles to visually support the algebra.
  • Practice questions: Let students consolidate the skill with varied problems.
  • Printable PDF: Offers a revision tool or classwork reference sheet.

This resource offers students a key to understanding quadratic equations from the inside out.



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