Decimals on Number Lines Resource (Free Download)

Suitable for Year groups: 4, 5, 6, 7

Decimals on Number Lines resource description

This shows examples of decimal numbers positioned on number lines.

Decimals on Number Lines

Our Maths resource on Decimals on Number Lines is a perfect and engaging teaching resource, specially designed to help school teachers and parents help their children learn about this basic mathematical concept. This guide is aimed at simplifying how students in Years 4 to Year 7 understand the decimals on number lines.

What are Decimals on Number Lines

Decimals on Number Lines can be easily explained as a method that is used to visually show where the decimals fit on a line between the whole numbers. Understanding this core concept will help KS3 and KS4 students know about the size and order of decimal values.

Importance in Real Life

Learning about Decimals on Number Lines has a great impact on real life, like-

  • Understanding the basic concept of decimals is crucial for young learners in everyday life, for example, handling money, measuring distances, and deciding the proportion of the ingredients while cooking. 
  • This mathematical concept also helps the students with precision in calculations and measurements.

Why This Teaching Resource Is Helpful

This teaching resource is a valuable possession for educators and parents alike as it simplifies the intricate idea of decimals on number lines to lessons that are easily comprehended and interesting. Different learning styles are addressed in this material through clear visual aids and practical examples, which ensure its compatibility with the maths curriculum. This methodology helps students develop numerical skills and learn practical mathematics concepts that can be used in real life. Without any doubt, therefore, this resource has to be sought by anyone who wishes to improve the understanding of children or students in terms of decimal numbers, thus making maths an accessible and appealing subject.


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