Factorising Double Brackets Grid Templates

Factorising Double Brackets Grid Templates Resource (Free Download)

Suitable for Year groups: 8, 9, 10

Factorising Double Brackets Grid Templates resource description

Here is a page of blank PRODUCT SUM grids that can be used for factorising simple quadratics.

Factorising Double Brackets Grid Templates

What is the resource?

This PDF provides blank grids specifically designed for a key algebra skill: factorising double brackets. The grids help visualise the process, especially for secondary learners.


Why is factorising double brackets important?

Factorising is like reversing the expansion process in maths. It has wide-ranging uses:

  • Problem-solving: Helps solve tricky quadratic equations (those with x² terms).
  • Graph shapes: The factored form reveals essential information about parabolas.
  • Advanced maths: It serves as a foundation for numerous topics in higher-level maths.



Why is this resource helpful?

Grids offer a structured and visual way to learn factorising:

  • Step-by-step support: Keeps the process organised, reducing confusion.
  • Focus on patterns: Grids make the link between numbers and factors visually clear.
  • Less intimidating: Breaks down a complex skill into manageable chunks.
  • Printable PDF: Can be used across lessons, as revision material, or as homework aid.

This resource guides students through the often tricky process of factorisation. This helps build confidence and mastery of the algebra basics.



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