Finding Percentages on a Calculator

Finding Percentages on a Calculator Resource (Free Download)

Suitable for Year groups: 9., 7, 8

Finding Percentages on a Calculator resource description

Here are three different examples of using a calculator to aid in finding percentages of amounts.

Calculator Percentages Example

As a maths teacher with expertise in the field, it's essential to highlight the value of the "Calculator Percentages Example" from Cazoom Maths. This printable PDF resource is designed to enhance the understanding of percentages using calculators, tailored for school year groups 7-11. Its inclusion of an illustrative image, a concise description, and relevance to specific year groups makes it an indispensable tool in the maths curriculum.


What is a Calculator Percentages Example

The "Calculator Percentages Example" is a meticulously crafted teaching resource. It focuses on utilising calculators for solving percentage problems. This resource is vital for students to grasp the practical applications of percentages in maths. It comes with a free PDF version, ensuring it is easily accessible for teachers and parents looking to support their students' learning journey.


Why is the Topic Important in Real Life

Understanding percentages is crucial beyond the classroom. It applies to everyday scenarios like shopping discounts, financial literacy, and data analysis. Hence, equipping students with the skills to calculate percentages accurately is fundamental for their real-life application of maths.


Why This Teaching Resource is Helpful for Learning

This teaching resource stands out for its clarity and focus. It provides a step-by-step guide on how to tackle percentage problems using calculators. This approach demystifies complex percentage calculations, making them more approachable for students. By catering to year groups 7-11, it ensures that learners develop these essential skills early on, laying a solid foundation for more advanced maths concepts.

In summary, the "Calculator Percentages Example" from Cazoom Maths is an exemplary resource. It supports effective learning and understanding of percentages through practical examples. This resource is a must-have for school teachers and parents aiming to bolster their children's maths skills. Its relevance to real-life applications of percentages further underscores its importance in the maths curriculum.


Also, check out our percentage worksheets, easily downloadable in PDF format, to boost the effective improvement of your students on the basic fraction, decimal, and percentage skills.



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