Finding the Original Resource (Free Download)

Suitable for Year groups: 8, 9, 10

Finding the Original resource description

Here are three reverse percentage examples where the original amount is found by working backwards from a given percentage of that amount.

Finding the Original Price

The "Finding the Original Price" teaching resource is a valuable PDF document designed for school teachers and parents. This resource offers a comprehensive approach to teaching students how to calculate the original price of an item before a discount or sale. It is suitable for students in various school year groups KS3, enhancing their understanding of percentages and their application in real-life scenarios.


What is "Finding the Original Price"

"Finding the Original Price" is a printable PDF resource that guides students through the process of determining the original cost of items before a discount is applied. It includes an image of the worksheet, a succinct description, and relevance to specific school year groups 7 to 9. This resource is crafted to support maths education by providing practical exercises.


Why is this topic important in real-life

Understanding how to find the original price is crucial in everyday life. It enables individuals to calculate discounts, understand savings, and make informed purchasing decisions. This skill is applicable in various real-life contexts, from shopping to financial management. Teaching this concept helps students apply mathematical principles outside the classroom, fostering practical numeracy skills.


Why is "Finding the Original Price" helpful for learning

This teaching resource is essential for learning because it offers structured, clear exercises that reinforce mathematical concepts related to percentages and financial literacy. It is tailored for students in year groups 7 to 9, adhering to curriculum standards. The free PDF printable version allows for easy access and use in both classroom and home settings, promoting versatile learning opportunities. By focusing on a fundamental life skill, this resource aids in developing critical thinking and problem-solving abilities in students.

In summary, "Finding the Original Price" is an indispensable tool for maths education, equipping students with the knowledge and skills to navigate real-life financial situations effectively. Its practical exercises and accessibility make it a must-have for maths educators and parents aiming to enhance their children's maths proficiency.


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