Function Machine Templates for Solving Two Step Equations

Function Machine Templates for Solving Two Step Equations Resource (Free Download)

Suitable for Year groups: 7, 8, 9

Function Machine Templates for Solving Two Step Equations resource description

Here is a page of blank function machines for solving two step equations. They could also be used for rearranging simple formulae.

Function Machine Templates for Solving Two-Step Equations

What is the resource?

This PDF offers blank function machine templates. They visually break down how to solve equations with two operations. It's great for secondary learners.


Why is solving two-step equations important?

Equations crop up constantly when modelling real-world situations:

  • Shopping deals: Calculating sales prices & discounts involves these equations.
  • Unit conversion: Temperature (°C to °F), measurements... involve multi-step operations.
  • Science formulas: Often need algebraic rearrangement, built on these skills.


Why is this resource helpful?

Function machines make abstract maths visual and practical:

  • Step-by-step: Boxes clarify the order of operations (undoing each in reverse).
  • Reduces errors: Organised format helps focus on one change at a time.
  • Builds confidence: Seeing it visually lessens 'algebra fear' for many students.
  • Printable PDF: Great for lessons, revision notes, or as a homework tool.

This resource encourages logical thinking vital for equation solving. Students who master this have a powerful maths tool!


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