Horizontal and Vertical Linear Graphs

Horizontal and Vertical Linear Graphs Resource (Free Download)

Suitable for Year groups: 7, 8

Horizontal and Vertical Linear Graphs resource description

This resource shows examples of equations of horizontal and vertical lines. Each line is labelled with its equation and shows some coordinates of points on each line.

Horizontal and Vertical Linear Graphs

What is the resource?

This PDF tackles the world of linear graphs, focusing on horizontal and vertical lines. It explains how to plot them, interpret what they mean, and is best for secondary school students.


Why are horizontal and vertical graphs important?

Graphs aren't just for maths class! They offer a way to visualise data and relationships. Think about a graph showing temperature over time, or the flatlining of a graph when something doesn't change.


Why is this resource helpful?

This resource makes a sometimes tricky topic easier to grasp with these features:

  • No-nonsense visuals: Clear diagrams show where horizontal and vertical lines sit on a graph.
  • Step-by-step plotting: Break down how to plot these lines using coordinates.
  • Real-world examples: Helps students understand when these graphs might be used in practice.
  • Consolidation questions: Includes problems to practice the new skills.
  • Printable PDF: Perfect for in-class work or independent revision.

This resource helps learners get comfortable with graph basics. This builds a strong foundation for understanding more complex graphs later on.


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