Inequalities on a Number Line Resource (Free Download)

Suitable for Year groups: 8, 9

Inequalities on a Number Line resource description

This resource gives examples of how to display inequalities on a number line and provides integer examples for each.

Inequalities on a Number Line

What is the resource?

This PDF shows how to represent inequalities (like x < 2) visually on a number line.  It's ideal for students in primary or early secondary school.


Why are inequalities on number lines important?

Inequalities are everywhere, often hidden in word problems:

  • Budgets: Your allowance defines an inequality – your spending has a limit.
  • Measurements: Heights, sizes, weights – we might specify minimums or maximums.
  • Comparisons: 'Faster than', 'heavier than' – these often lead to inequalities.


Why is this resource helpful?

Number lines turn maths into something students can see:

  • Solid vs open circles: Visually shows include/exclude a specific number.
  • Shaded regions: Highlights all the possible solutions within a range.
  • Supports word problems: Helps translate worded constraints into a picture.
  • Builds confidence: Offers a clearer way to tackle inequality questions.
  • Printable PDF: Handy as a revision aid, classroom visual, or homework support.

This resource makes tricky inequalities more concrete. This lays a strong foundation for understanding more complex maths problems.



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