Mean From Frequency Table Example Resource (Free Download)

Suitable for Year groups: 8, 9, 10, 11

Mean From Frequency Table Example resource description

This document is a step by step guide to estimating a mean from a frequency table. Can be given to students as a worked example or revision tool.

Mean From Frequency Tables Example

This resource provides a worked example for calculating the mean (average) from a frequency table, a common way of organising data in statistics.


Why is calculating the mean from frequency tables important?

This skill is essential for analysing various data sets:

  • Test scores: Finding the average score in a class or group.
  • Surveys: Analysing results and summarising responses.
  • Scientific data: Calculating averages from experimental results.

How can this resource help?

This resource offers a step-by-step solution:

  • Clear formula: Shows the formula used for this type of calculation.
  • Worked example: Provides a problem with a frequency table and solution.
  • Step-by-step explanation: Guides learners through the process.
  • Free PDF download: Offers an accessible reference tool.

Benefits for learners:

  • Improves understanding of calculating mean from grouped data.
  • Builds confidence in working with frequency tables.
  • Supports problem-solving in statistics.

This resource is perfect for teachers introducing the concept or providing revision support. It's also a valuable tool for students seeking extra practice or for parents helping with maths homework.



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