Regular Shapes  Resource (Free Download)

Suitable for Year groups: 8, 9

Regular Shapes  resource description

This pdf contains images of regular polygons from 3 to 9 sides. Why not use it when investigating angles in regular polygons with your class.

Regular Shapes

What is the resource?

This PDF offers information on common regular polygons (shapes). Designed for primary learners new to this area of geometry.


Why are regular shapes important?

They pop up everywhere, from obvious creations to hidden designs – understanding them gives kids power:

  • Recognizing man-made things: Traffic signs and repeating patterns on tiles are based on these shapes.
  • Seeing nature's structure: Honeycombs famously are hexagons! Recognizing it gives a peek at 'why' it evolved.
  • Early measurement basics: Same-length sides are a building block to finding area, and the perimeter is vital for practical tasks.
  • Foundation for future maths: More complex shapes are made by 'putting these simple bits together' later.


Why is this resource helpful?

It combines visuals, names, and key facts – this multi-pronged approach suits many learners:

  • Clear diagram for each: Supports kids who benefit from seeing the shape, not just its written label.
  • Properties laid out simply: Equal angles and equal sides of these rules aren't memorised, they're obvious by looking.
  • Encourages investigation: Can kids spot these shapes around them now? This sparks engagement.
  • Printable PDF: Teachers can cut 'cards', and give the whole set of support varied games, drills, and sorting tasks.

Shapes stop feeling random. Kids see real-world maths all around & want to learn MORE about it, not just the bare minimum to pass tests.

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