Using the Quadratic Formula Resource (Free Download)

Suitable for Year groups: 9, 10, 11

Using the Quadratic Formula resource description

This resource provides two worked examples of using the quadratic formula to solve quadratic equations. This can be used as a poster or a handout.

Using the Quadratic Formula

What is the resource?

This PDF delves into the quadratic formula, that equation with 'x equals'.  It explains how to use it to solve tricky equations and is best for older secondary students.


Why is the quadratic formula important?

Quadratic equations appear in loads of unexpected places:

  • Engineering: The paths of thrown objects (like rockets) are modelled by quadratics.
  • Physics: Motion problems, energy formulas – many involve these equations.
  • Even business: Quadratics can help find break-even points or maximum profits.


Why is this resource helpful?

The quadratic formula is a powerful weapon in maths but needs a thorough explanation:

  • The formula sheet: Provides students with the formula on hand for reference.
  • Step-by-step breakdowns: Works through problems slowly, demystifying the process.
  • Practice questions: Let students consolidate the skill.
  • Printable PDF: Perfect for revision, reference in tests, or for classwork examples.

This resource isn't just about remembering the formula. It focuses on the 'how' and 'why' to give students a deep understanding of how the formula works.



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