What are Bearings Resource (Free Download)

Suitable for Year groups: 10, 11

What are Bearings resource description

This resource shows four examples of stating a bearing from one point to another. The examples highlight that three figures are always used, showing the north line drawn on from every point and points that bearing are measured clockwise.

What are Bearings?

This resource provides a clear explanation of bearings, a key concept used for navigation and measuring directions.


Why are bearings important?

Understanding bearings is essential for:

  • Navigation: Used by sailors, pilots, and hikers to find their way.
  • Surveying: Measuring directions and distances in land surveys.
  • Problem-solving: Used in maths and physics problems.


How can this resource help?

This resource offers a focused introduction to bearings:

  • Clear definition: Explains what bearings are and how they're measured.
  • 3-figure bearings: Focuses on the common 3-digit bearing system.
  • Visual examples: Illustrates concepts with diagrams and problems.
  • Free PDF download: Provides an easy-to-use reference tool.


Benefits for learners:

  • Builds a foundation for understanding navigation and directions.
  • Supports problem-solving involving angles and trigonometry.
  • Develops spatial reasoning and real-world applications of maths.

This resource is perfect for teachers introducing bearings. It's also a valuable tool for students seeking extra support or for parents helping with maths and geography concepts.


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