Printable Decimals Math Worksheets

Our decimals worksheets are designed to help students put decimals in order and operate with decimals. We have a wealth of resources available for all levels to help students master the skills of comparing, ordering, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimal numbers. All of our activities are designed to make learning about decimals fun and enjoyable. Our decimals worksheets are clearly presented and engaging, displaying this essential information in an easy to follow format. Whether your child or student needs help with comparing and ordering decimals, adding and subtracting decimals, or multiplying and dividing decimals, our resources will provide them with plenty of questions to practice their knowledge and master these topics.


The worksheets that are available on Cazoom cover everything students need to know about comparing and operating with decimals. Our math worksheets range from introducing the topic of decimals to answering more complex questions on decimals worksheets that combine multiple operations. Answer keys are provided for all of our decimals worksheets so you can check how well students are doing and target areas for further review and practice.

Using Decimals in Everyday Life

When a measurement or a quantity isn’t a whole number, we can use a decimal or a fraction.

Decimals are often easier to work with than fractions. Any time-continuous data is being handled, such as height, weight, and distance, decimals are useful. It is very rare that when you go on a journey, the distance traveled is an exact whole number of miles. And if you are performing a science experiment, you will have to measure temperature, chemicals, lengths, and other quantities to a high level of accuracy in order to get accurate results. Measuring to one or two decimal places will be beneficial in these situations. Currency is another example in which we use decimals in our everyday lives. You might not be consciously thinking about all the decimals problems you did in school when you buy your groceries, but you know that in order to buy a bag of pears for $1.40, you will need one dollar and forty cents, or 40 hundredths of a dollar. You might also need to add several amounts containing decimals in order to figure out whether you have enough money to pay for your shopping. Because adding and subtracting decimal numbers is usually simpler than adding and subtracting fractions, currency amounts are represented using decimals.

Help your Students Master Decimals with Decimals Worksheets

Decimals are very important in our everyday lives.

Decimals are very important in our everyday lives. We use them in order to measure things precisely. Given that knowledge of decimals will often be used often outside of school, it is important for students to have a solid foundation in their understanding of ordering and operating with decimals. Using decimals worksheets is an excellent way to make sure students are confident with this important skill, especially math worksheets that include real-life examples and fun activities.

How to subtract decimals?

To subtract decimals, you just have to write down the two numbers, one under other, with the decimal points lined up. If the numbers don’t have the same length, just add zeros to the end of the shorter number. Then just subtract the numbers, placing the point on the same location.

For adding decimals just follow the steps from before and instead of subtracting, add the numbers.