2D Shapes Worksheets with Answers

2D shapes is a geometric concept that begins in elementary school and continues through the middle school years. At Cazoom, we have math worksheets ranging from elementary level to middle school level that focus on the qualities of 2D shapes. For our elementary worksheets, we focus on the characteristics of specific shapes and how to categorize quadrilaterals based on certain characteristics. For our middle school worksheets, we provide formulas for how to find the perimeter and area of several 2D shapes. From including different levels of worksheets, Cazoom is the place to find all the worksheets necessary to understand two dimensional shapes.

Printable PDF 2D Shapes Worksheets with Answers

The elementary and middle school 2D shapes worksheets are provided with answers so your child can not only receive extra practice through Cazoom but can also check his or her work. At Cazoom, we have also included a math worksheet with perimeter and area of 2D shapes, that will be helpful for middle school students. The worksheets are designed to be able to support your elementary child as well as your middle school child.


Once kids reach the middle school level, math becomes a much more involved subject. Although most of the students easily learn to name the most common 2D and 3D shapes, putting them into a math problem can make them overwhelmed. That’s why at Cazoom Maths we created various 2D shapes worksheets, so your child or pupil can master this math skill without a problem.

Our 2D shapes worksheets offer differentiated and engaging topics that will easily help your kid to understand the concept of 2D shapes, suitable for their age and grade level. The geometry worksheets start to progress throughout the subject when the pupil is ready to move on to a tougher level.


This means that the shapes have only two dimensions. All two dimensional shapes have only length and width, unlike 3D shapes, which have an additional dimension, depth.