Maths Worksheets with Answers

When it comes to learning mathematics skills, nothing is more effective than practice, practice, practice. Our maths worksheets for kids cover the UK secondary school curriculum, and provide the perfect opportunity for children to put their pencils to paper and have fun with these maths worksheets.

Our maths resources are used by over 50,000 teachers, parents and schools, and we are a Times Educational Supplement recommended resource for helping key stage 3 and key stage 4 students learn mathematics.

Suitable for a range of teaching levels and covering all topics on the syllabus, our superb worksheets with answers have everything a child needs to thrive in solving maths problems. The Cazoom Maths practice worksheets are designed to enrich your child’s education whilst keeping it fun and engaging.

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Printable Maths Worksheets For Kids

Our printable worksheets cover all the key elements of maths, helping kids gain confidence and skills that they’ll use throughout their lives.

Worksheets with answers are an effective method of helping young children learn their numbers, percentages, shapes, fractions, ratios – you name it, they’ll learn it through our maths practice worksheets. All children learn differently and work at their own levels and pace but we have resources for kids of all learning preferences. Our maths questions and answers are such popular resources for use at home and in the classroom because teachers and parents alike have witnessed their effectiveness.

Try our free maths worksheets and see the results for yourself!

Our Maths Worksheets are Differentiated

Our maths resources are differentiated, to ensure that the needs of the individual learner are met.

All students learn at a different pace. When a teacher differentiates their lesson it means that the range of student levels are properly covered. Here at Cazoom Maths we help teachers differentiate their lessons.

Our worksheets are differentiated horizontally, showing the level on each sheet, and vertically, showing a progressive level of difficulty as the worksheet continues.

Save hours of planning time

We provide you with the opportunity to save hours of time every day with our huge range of worksheets, maths resources and maths examples.

Our collection covers topics such as fractionsdecimals and percentages, to trigonometrypythagoras and averages. Each worksheet and resource is differentiated so that progression is always challenged upwards.

We also have over 150 GCSE maths revision worksheets available to download.

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We produce maths worksheets, maths teaching resources and examples, for teachers, parents and schools.

Our resources are used by over 30,000 Cazoom members all over the world. You can download 30 Cazoom maths worksheets for free as a trial member (no card details required).

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