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Equations Maths Worksheet

Solving Equations Maths Worksheet

Equations maths worksheet Visual equations maths worksheet on solving linear…
Area of triangles printable maths worksheet

Area of Triangles Maths Worksheet

Visual maths worksheet on finding the area of triangles. Cazoom…

Maths Worksheet Adding Fractions

Adding fractions maths worksheet Visual maths worksheet on adding fractions.…

We Ensure That Our Resources Are Differentiated

Differentiation is a buzz word in the world of teaching. Differentiation ensures that the needs of the individual learner are met. All students learn at a different pace. When a teacher differentiates their lesson it means that the range of student levels are properly covered. Here at cazoom maths we help teachers differentiate their lessons. Our maths worksheets are differentiated horizontally, showing the level on each sheet, and vertically, showing a progressive level of difficulty as the worksheet continues.

We Emphasise The Importance of Pace

Each worksheet shows a different level of pace. Some students learn quicker than others. Our resources and maths worksheets take this into consideration. Two students can both be working at level 6, for example, yet they can work at a different pace.

What We Provide

We provide you with the opportunity to save hours of time every day with our huge range of maths worksheets, maths resources and maths examples. Our collection covers topics such as fractions, decimals and percentages, to trigonometry, pythagoras and averages. Each worksheet and resource is differentiated so that progression is always challenged upwards. You can access 30 free maths worksheets today after signup, as our gift to you.