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  • Teaching is incredibly rewarding, but it's no secret that it can also be incredibly stressful. started in 2013 when a crazy maths teacher went on a mission, a mission to save teachers' (time!). We are now a small team of 3 and we have collectively set out on a mission to create amazingly well differentiated and well-organised Cazoomsheets which teachers, and indeed parents, can download in no time. Kids' not that fussed about design? Of course they are! Colour is the new black and white. Our original Cazoomsheets were designed by a maths teacher who was also a designer, so you literally will not find anything else comparable to its eloquent style.

    “We're here to save you time!”

    • Traditional Exercises.
    • Problem Solving.
    • Number searches and mazes.
    • Puzzles and starters.
    • Self-assessment, consolidation and revision.
    • Key questions

  • How much do you value your time? If you're a teacher or a parent then the answer is probably LOADS. And that's where we fit in, saving you time every day, making it easy and straightforward to follow what can be a rather confusing national curriculum! We value your skill and expertise so we design these resources so that you can focus on the art of teaching and feel safe knowing that you can leave the creation of resources to us - allowing you and your kids to shine.

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    cazoom maths team


    Mr Teacher

    Between planning lessons and enjoying Friday pub night with the other teachers, Mr Teacher pretty much depends on cazoom now. Mr Teacher uses cazoomsheets to differentiate his lessons effortlessly. His students (above) give him great feedback and even buy him gifts he actually uses, like 2-for-1 wine discounts and unlimited vodka shots at his local discotheque.


    Caz is our main man. Well, boy. Even though he looks a bit like an alien, he's 100% real, I kid you not. He dreams of having his face on our sticker range to encourage fellow kids to try as hard as they can on our Cazoomsheets.


    Sasha is Caz's girlfriend. They have been dating for a week now. All innocent stuff i'm told. They spent their first date doing a cazoom colouring sheet together. This was also when they had their first argument - Caz got the answer of fifty and insisted on using a shade of grey. Sasha called him boring.


    Chloe is rather posh, she made a personal request to her school head mistress to buy Cazoomsheets for her school. The head mistress has since told us that she especially loves the starter Cazoomsheets and wants us to create more, we're on it ma'am, would you like tea with that?


    Sachin is a quiet lad. He is an expert at mental maths. He's asked the cazoom creators to develop mental maths sheets so he can get even better. We love our family and listen to all their needs, in fact we're obsessive compulsive about it - even neurotic you could say, so mental maths sheets coming soon!


    Liam is the new guy, he's a cool dude. Liam proves that you can be cool and still enjoy maths. Forget making "maths is cool" posters on your first day of school, just speak to Liam instead, he'll tell ya.

    ...Our family is growing

    You'll see new faces added to our family over the years. They typically spend most of their time as Cazoomsheet watermarks. They represent cultural and mathematical diversity. Some of our characters are really quick at maths, they make quick progress, and some take a little longer, but no matter what, in the Cazoom Maths family they all feel safe. We recognise that challenge is a part of learning. All our kids get a sense of achievement because regardless of what their teacher (Mr Teacher) gives them to do, it's always something they enjoy whilst also being something with an appropriate level of challenge. Our family is an all inclusive one, will you join us?