Geometry Worksheets & Teaching Resources

Our geometry worksheets cover the breadth of shape and measurement topics students will encounter at school. All the resources available through Cazoom Maths are clearly presented and engaging, helping your child or pupil to get to grips with all shape-related problems. We have geometry worksheets suitable for all ages and abilities, and they are all supplied with answers to check how well your child or pupil is doing. So whether they need help with calculating areas, or are stumped by trigonometry, use Cazoom to boost their confidence solving geometry problems.

Regular Shapes Regular Shapes Download
Quadrilaterals Quadrilaterals Download
Compass Points Compass Points Download
What is Area and Perimeter What is Area and Perimeter Download
Formula for Area of a Triangle Formula for Area of a Triangle Download
Formula Sheet for Area of 2d Shapes Formula Sheet for Area of 2d Shapes Download
Formula Sheet for Volume Formula Sheet for Volume Download
Surface Area of a Cuboid Example Surface Area of a Cuboid Example Download
Polar Graphs for Drawing Regular Polygons Polar Graphs for Drawing Regular Polygons Download
Regular Polygons with Names Regular Polygons with Names Download
Formulas for Area and Circumference Formulas for Area and Circumference Download
Blank Square Grids Blank Square Grids Download
Transformations, congruency and similarity Transformations, congruency and similarity Download
Congruence Criteria for Triangles Congruence Criteria for Triangles Download
What is the Hypotenuse What is the Hypotenuse Download
cosine and sine rule cosine and sine rule Download
Using CAST Using CAST Download
Distance Speed Time Formula Distance Speed Time Formula Download
Constructing a perpendicular bisector Constructing a perpendicular bisector Download
Constructing an equilateral triangle Constructing an equilateral triangle Download
Metric Unit Conversions Metric Unit Conversions Download
Small Square Grids Small Square Grids Download
What is a column vector What is a column vector Download
Types of Triangles Types of Triangles Download
3d Shapes 3D Shapes Download
What is a Right Angle What Is a Right Angle? Download
Types of Angles Types of Angles Download
Angles on Parallel Lines Angles on Parallel Lines Download
Blank Compasses Blank Compasses Download
What are Bearings What are Bearings Download
Surface Area of a Triangular Prism Example Surface Area of a Triangular Prism Example Download
Regular Polygons with Interior Angles Regular Polygons with Interior Angles Download
Parts of a Circle Parts of a Circle Download
What is Pi What is Pi Download
Blank Axes Blank Axes Download
Describing Transformations Describing Transformations Download
Similarity vs Congruent Similarity vs Congruent Download
What is Pythagoras Theorem What is Pythagoras Theorem Download
Pythagoras Example Questions Pythagoras Example Questions Download
Mass Density Volume Formula Mass Density Volume Formula Download
Force Area Pressure Formula Force Area Pressure Formula Download
Constructing an angle bisector Constructing an angle bisector Download
Imperial Conversions Imperial Conversions Download
Metric to Imperial Conversions Metric to Imperial Conversions Download
Parallel and Perpendicular Vectors Parallel and Perpendicular Vectors Download

Printable Geometry Resources

Our range of geometry worksheets will prepare your child or pupil for all types of question they might encounter. The resources available on Cazoom Maths highlight the key information they need to know, and offer plenty of opportunities to put this knowledge into practice. From introductory shape and area questions for primary school children up to higher level trigonometry for GCSE students, our geometry problem sheets will enable your child or pupil to make a success of shapes.

Reasons Why Studying Geometry is Important

Geometry encompasses a whole range of concepts including triangles and trigonometry, area and perimeter, lines and angles, and all other shape related problems. Geometry covers a whole range of concepts which will be encountered in everyday life. Studying geometry is important to develop skills such as logic, problem solving and spatial understanding. Some children find it difficult to visualise shapes, and practicing geometry questions using worksheets can help them develop this ability.

Geometry in the Workplace

Geometry has many practical applications. There are many different professions which use geometry to do their work. Those who work in construction will need to ensure angles are measured very precisely and that all lines are straight in order for a building to be safe; architects and interior designers need to use their geometry knowledge to guide their designs; and even those who work in computer animation will use geometry while putting together an animated film.

Preparation for GCSE Maths and Beyond

Geometry is linked to many other areas of maths. When children begin learning about shapes they will study 2D shapes and their properties, and this knowledge is consistently built upon as they progress through their education so that when they approach their GCSE exams, they realise there is a lot more to circles than they originally thought. Geometry problems might also become number problems or algebra problems, so it is important to make sure children are properly prepared by using quality geometry resources in the classroom and at home.