Year 3 Maths Worksheets

Cazoom Maths Worksheets for Year 3 provide a range of exercises that encourage pupils (aged 7-8) to develop their mathematical thinking and problem-solving and practice foundational maths skills. They offer a structured approach to learning and allow students to practice the concepts they have been taught in class, such as three-digit subtraction, fractions, using metric units, turning angles, reading bar charts etc. Professional and experienced educators design our Year 3 maths PDF printable worksheets to ensure they match UK curriculum standards while offering simple yet effective instructions. All Year 3 maths PDF worksheets are invaluable for teachers looking to help students develop their mathematical understanding.

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Outstanding Year 3 Maths Worksheets


FUN and ENgaging Maths Worksheets

Our maths worksheets are designed to make mathematical problems great fun for your year 3 students

This range of year 3 maths worksheets PDF are designed with colour and with the space for children to show their working. Our resources follow the national curriculum and are perfect practice material for helping your child learn maths and develop their fine motor skills.

With over 200 pages of mathematical problems for your students to work through, Cazoom Maths worksheets are the perfect way for your year 3 students to develop their mathematical skills


Cazoom Maths pdf year 3 maths worksheets cover all topics in the curriculum at this formative stage for young learners.

We have worksheets covering multiplication facts, subtracting fractions, reasoning skills, time worksheets and much more.  The range also includes lots of different exercises on topics such as division problems, bar charts, roman numerals, and short and long division, plus times tables and word problems worksheets.

With such a comprehensive range, Cazoom has everything needed to help children practice their year 3 maths skills. 

List Of Topics

See below the list of topics covered. All KS1 and KS2 worksheets can be accessed here.