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Solving Equations

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Solving Linear Equations Examples
Solving Linear Equations Examples
Function Machine Templates for Solving Two Step Equations
Function Machine Templates for Solving Two Step Equations
Using the Quadratic Formula
Using the Quadratic Formula

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Level 4

Solving Equations with Algebraic Perimeters     

Solving Linear Equations (A)     

Level 5

Solving Linear Equations (B)     

Level 6

Solving Linear Equations (Without Negatives)     

Solving Linear Equations (C)     

Forming and Solving Equations involving Angles     

Solving Equations Involving Area of Rectangles     

Solving Equations Involving Brackets     

I Think of A Number Problems     

Level 7 (GCSE Higher)

Solving Linear Equations (D)     

Solving Quadratic Equations (A)     

Solving Simultaneous Equations Graphically     

Solving Equations 15 Minute Challenge     

Forming and Solving Equations (A)     

Trial and Improvement (A)     

Trial and Improvement (B)     

Level 8 (GCSE Higher)

Solving Simultaneous Equations (A)     

Level 9(GCSE Higher)

Solving Quadratic Equations (B) (by Factorising)     

Solving Quadratic Equations (C) (by Quadratic Formula)     

Level 10 (A* GCSE Higher)

Solving Quadratic Equations (D) (by Completing the Square)     

Solving Simultaneous Equations (B)     

Forming and Solving Equations (B)     

Using Graphs to Solve Equations (A)     

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