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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Resources just for Teachers?

No. Our range of resources can be used by parents, tutors and even students directly themselves.

Will You Charge Me a Recurring Payment?

No. We do not charge recurring payments. We are confident that you will love cazoom and we trust that when you need more downloads you'll just come back when you need to.

What Happens When I Use All My Downloads?

If you purchase casual or standard user, you will be downgraded to a free subscriber automatically when you use up all your downloads or when you use up your time, which ever happens first.

Will I be Able to Download Anything After I Upgrade?

Yes. Casual users can download 60 times within a month and standard users can download 600 downloads within 6 months. If you choose unlilmited you can download as many resources as you like.

What More Can I Download Other Than Worksheets?

You can download resources, revision sheets, starters and examples too. We call the entire range of downloads "cazoomsheets" for short. You have access to them all after upgrading.

Do I Have to be a Teacher to Purchase the Professional Option?

If you really love our resources and want the freedom to download as many as you like across an entire year, this is the option for you.

Can I Sign Up then Share my Login Details with Colleagues?

No, we have separate membership options for schools. The system automatically detects multiple user access from one account. You can sign up as a school instead.

Can I Log In from Multiple Locations?

Yes, within reason. If you try to access the site from too many locations you may be blocked by the system. You can upgrade to allow access for 15 locations instead.

How Often do you Include New Resources?

The site is contantly being updated to include new worksheets, resources and new examples. It's an exciting time to join :)

How Do I Know that the Resources Will be Effective?

We receive wonderful feedback, that's how we know that we're really making a difference. We invite you to check out some of the testimonials below.