Simplifying Fractions Worksheets

Our fractions worksheets have been created to help students of all abilities to understand and solve the many varieties of fraction questions they will encounter during their time in school. From a simplifying fractions worksheet to adding and subtracting fractions worksheets and multiplying and dividing fractions worksheets, the many resources available at Cazoom will ensure your child or pupil will be able to navigate their way through the complexities of solving fractions questions. We even offer resources such as an ordering fractions worksheet and fractions of amounts worksheet as we cover everything your student will need to know and understand.

Simplifying Fractions Worksheets
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  • Simplifying Fractions

    Simplifying Fractions Worksheets

    An accurate understanding of what fractions are and how they can be used in theoretical and practical applications is essential to today’s students.

    Many more advanced mathematical concepts can only be understood if students have taken the time to really grasp the basics. That’s part of why they are taught at such a young age.

    Although most adults think about the process of simplifying fractions as being straightforward, it’s not uncommon for students to have trouble internalizing this mathematical concept. One of the best ways to make sure fraction lessons make sense to young students is to assign them a simplifying fractions worksheet offered by Cazoom Maths. This gives them the repetitive, direct experience with fractions that they need to understand and internalize the concept.


    Worksheets for Teachers

    The best teachers acknowledge that every student takes a different approach to learning, so not all students will understand concepts that are just laid out on a blackboard and explained.

    When students first learn how to simplify fractions, worksheet exercises can both help teachers ensure that everyone is on the same page and give those who still need some reinforcement a chance to catch up. Cazoom Maths worksheets can be assigned either in class or at home.

    Just about any math teacher can come up with math problems, but it takes time. Teachers who want to make the most of their time and focus on other aspects of lesson planning can find all of the simplifying fractions worksheets they need online at Cazoom Maths.

    Worksheets for Parents

    Whether parents homeschool their kids or they just like to play an active role in their young students’ educational lives, downloading printable fractions worksheets will allow them access to some of the same resources used in the classroom.

    Parents who aren’t math whizzes themselves don’t need to worry about their ability to check their children’s work, either. Every worksheet offered by Cazoom Maths also comes with a downloadable answer key.

    These resources can be doubly useful for parents of homeschooled children. When homeschooling children, it’s important to make sure they have access to the same knowledge and learning tools as their traditionally-schooled peers. Those teaching children how to simplify fractions at home should make sure to start by assigning an equivalent fractions worksheet. This will ensure that these young students have a basic understanding of the concept of equivalent fractions before they start actually learning how to simplify them.

    Worksheets for Tutors

    Some parents like to go the extra distance to ensure their kids’ success in the classroom.

    Hiring a tutor allows their children to have one-on-one instruction in areas that cause them confusion. Just having a tutor who can explain concepts taught in class in simpler terms or check homework assignments isn’t always enough, though.

    Tutors can also benefit from assigning young students worksheets in order to check their progress. Like teachers, most professional and many student tutors can come up with their own math problems, but why waste time? It’s much easier to download printable resources from Cazoom Maths. Professional tutors who sign up for a monthly or yearly account can also download additional teaching resources.

    Practice, Practice, Practice

    Every child has a slightly different learning curve and teaching new concepts often requires the use of several different methods. 

    Students who have a hard time understanding mathematical concepts after having them explained once shouldn’t be written off as being bad at math. They just need some extra hands-on practice. After completing several worksheets simplifying fractions should be a breeze.

    Parents or private tutors who find that their young students are consistently getting the answers to even basic worksheet problems wrong may want to go back and teach the basics again. Start with equivalent fractions and make a point of using visual representations such as number lines, blocks or even tasty treats like a chocolate bar that can be divided into squares to make the information more accessible. Once kids have a better idea of this basic, concrete concept, they’ll likely be in a better position to tackle the more abstract concept of fraction simplification.


    Printable Fraction Worksheets For Kids

    We really do have a fractions worksheet for any type of fraction calculation your student will come across.

     If you need a worksheet for the more basic fractions calculations such as an adding fractions worksheet, or multiplying fractions worksheet to the more advanced mixed and improper fractions worksheet and equivalent fractions worksheet, simply download your desired paper to help your child or pupil learn all they need to know about solving fractions through a hands-on approach.


    Why Should Students Learn Fractions?

    Many teachers find teaching students about fractions challenging, and many children find the topic complex and confusing.

    So why should children as young as 8 learn about fractions? There are many reasons: understanding fractions is essential to progress through their math education, and we use fractions in many aspects of everyday life.

    Using Fractions in Our Daily Lives

    Whether you are following a recipe, measuring something, or just trying to understand some statistics, chances are you will encounter fractions. 

    In order to understand these measurements, you will draw upon the knowledge you learned in school. Fractions are inescapable in our daily lives, so it is important for students to learn to use and understand fractions from an early age.

    Activities to Make Fractions Fun

    At all stages of children’s math education, there is a substantial volume of material to cover to make sure they make the required amount of progress. 

    This can sometimes mean that teachers cover the topic of fractions very hastily, and children do not have adequate time to get their heads around the complexities of fractions. If children do not grasp fractions at an early stage, they might begin to struggle with the rest of their math education and develop anxiety around the subject. For this reason, teachers should choose activities and worksheets which present all the information children need to know in a clear, easy to follow format and make fractions fun for kids. Parents can help their children by giving them fractions worksheets to complete at home too.


    What are equivalent fractions?

    Equivalent fractions are fractions with different values expressing the same part of a whole. Although they have different numerations, their fraction values are the same.

    Equivalent fractions example:  

    ½ = 15/30 = 100/200

    How to create equivalent fractions?

    When you multiply both numerator and denominator of a fraction by the same whole number, you won’t change the value of the fraction, but you will create an equivalent fraction.

    How to reduce a fraction?

    Reducing fractions is easy. Just follow the next simple steps:

    1. Write down the numerator and the denominator
    2. Find the largest factor that is common between them.
    3. Divide the numerator and the denominator with the largest common factor.
    4. Write down the reduced fraction.


    Fractions simplifying: What does it mean?

    The process of making fractions as simple as possible is called fractions simplifying. For example, why would you say 5/10 when ½ has the same meaning?

    There are two ways of simplifying fractions:

    Method no.1: Try to divide the top and the bottom of a fraction with the same whole number, until you can’t get further. Example:

     15/60 : 3 = 5/20 : 5 = 1/4

     Method no.2: Divide the top and the bottom of a fraction with the greatest common factor. 12/18

    Their greatest common factor is 6. We divide both sides with 6 and get: 2/3