What is y=mx+c ? Resource (Free Download)

Suitable for Year groups: 8, 9

What is y=mx+c ? resource description

This resource provides two examples of straight line graphs in the from y=mx+c. It gives a diagram explaining the gradient a what lines with positive and negative gradients would look like.

What is y=mx+c?

What is the resource?

This PDF tackles the fundamental equation behind drawing straight-line graphs: y = mx + c.  It targets secondary school students.



Why is y = mx + c important?

More than just graphs, this equation underpins countless relationships:

  • Science: Rates of change (speed, growth), often follow linear patterns.
  • Finance: Costs rise and fall proportionally (think phone or energy tariffs).
  • Data analysis: This equation helps find trends and predict future values.



Why is this resource helpful?

It demystifies this key equation through these strategies:

  • Visual focus: Uses graphs to connect the equation parts to their features.
  • 'm' means slope: Explains how to calculate steepness from a line.
  • 'c' means intercept: Shows where the line cuts the y-axis.
  • Practice examples: Builds confidence in applying the equation to graph analysis.
  • Printable PDF: Handy for revision, class examples, or test reference.

This resource targets visual learners especially. It unlocks this equation's meaning, aiding future graph work and data handling across subjects.



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