Halloween is a great time to celebrate all things spooky, and what could be more spine-tingling than maths! Our Halloween Maths Worksheets are the perfect way to get your students excited about learning. With fun themes like ghosts, bats and spiders, your students won’t even realise they’re practicing their maths skills! Cazoom Maths Halloween Maths Worksheets are a great way to learn, so why not download our PDF worksheets today and get started on some Halloween fun! We have a range of Halloween activities below including coordinate grids, order of operations problems, and solving equations. Please feel free to share with your students and home learners!



Reveal a famous Halloween character by colouring in the squares!

Halloween Place Value Colouring Worksheet fit for students in KS2



Complete the reflection and reveal the scary Halloween witch!

Scary Halloween Reflection Worksheet suitable for students in Key Stage 1 and 2



Complete the reflection and reveal the scary Halloween Vampire!

Scary Halloween Reflection Worksheet created for students in KS1 and KS2

Halloween SPIDER (A)


Join the grid coordinates as instructed… and see the spooky spider come to life! 

Halloween Maths Worksheet

Halloween SPIDER (B)

YEAR 8  / 9

Join the coordinates, and plot the straight line graphs…. and reveal the scary spider! 

Cazoom Maths. Halloween. Halloween Spider B Page 1

Halloween GHOST

YEAR 9  / 10

Complete the table of values for each function, and plot the points to see the Halloween Ghost!

Cazoom Maths. Halloween. Halloween Ghost Page 2

Halloween BAT

YEAR 10  / 11

Complete the functions table, plot the points….. and see the scary Halloween Bat come to life!

Halloween Bat Worksheet

Halloween PUZZLE

YEAR 7  / 8

Can you crack the Halloween code to decide which number each symbol represents?

Cazoom Maths. Halloween. Halloween Puzzles 1


YEAR 7  / 8

Replace the Halloween symbols with one of the 4 operations to solve this hair raising puzzle!

Halloween Order of Operations

Halloween PARTY!

YEAR 7  / 8

Solve these equations and area and perimeter problems and throw the ultimate Halloween Party!

Halloween Party

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Halloween, celebrated on the 31st of October, is widely recognised for its spooky festivities, costumes, and of course, the iconic pumpkin carving. But there’s a hidden element of maths in all the fun. Carving pumpkins involves a dash of geometry, figuring out how to create those fun or frightening faces. And when kids go trick-or-treating, they’re also practising arithmetic, counting their sweets and maybe even swapping them with friends.

Interestingly, Halloween is on the 31st day of the 10th month, both prime numbers! If you’re looking to mix a bit of education into the festivities, Cazoom Maths Worksheets has a range of Halloween themed maths worksheets and Halloween Maths activities. They provide a great way to weave some learning into the Halloween fun, ensuring that somewhere in all the spooky excitement, children can be learning skills and maths finds a way to quietly join the celebration.

What is the Maths behind the date of Halloween?

Oh, Halloween! That spooky time on the 31st of October has a secret – it’s got a hidden maths lesson in it! You see, both 31 and 10 are prime numbers, which means they can only be divided by 1 and themselves. And get this – 13, which is 31 backwards, is not only prime but also famously ‘unlucky’, adding a cheeky, spooky twist! Plus, if you add 31 and 10 together, you get 41, another prime number! It’s like maths is playing a little trick on us during this treat-filled holiday. Why not share these fun, spooky maths facts with your students? Or maybe play some prime number based Halloween maths games?

Halloween in Numbers!

Halloween is celebrated by so many people all over the world, it’s a sweet spot for exploring statistics. Just in the USA, over 175 million people join in the fun. That’s a lot of sweets being shared around during trick-or-treating, and a whole lot of maths to make sure there’s enough to go around! When you think about it on a global scale, the numbers get even bigger and the maths gets even more interesting. It’s a great way to get in the Halloween spirit and explore stats and arithmetic in a real, festive way, showing that maths really is all around us, even when we’re having fun!