Blank Fraction Shading Grids Resource (Free Download)

Suitable for Year groups: 4, 5, 6, 7

Blank Fraction Shading Grids resource description

Here is a page of rectangular shapes split into differnt amounts to be used for shading fractions or other proportions.

Blank Fraction Shading Grids

What is the resource?

This PDF provides various grids divided into squares or rectangles. They're designed for colouring activities to show how fractions work.

Why are fractions important?

They may seem tricky, but fractions are a part of countless real-world situations:

  • Recipes & food: Cutting a pie in half, following ingredients measured in fractions... it pops up!
  • Understanding measurement: Tapes, rulers... many rely on splitting lengths into fractional parts.
  • Sharing & fairness: Splitting up snacks or other limited items often involves fraction ideas.
  • Probability basics: What's the 'chance' of landing on a section of a spinner tied to fractional areas.


Why is this resource helpful?

It makes fractions 'hands-on', encouraging students to explore concepts actively:

  • Visualising parts: Colouring pieces clearly shows how the whole relates to different 'shares'.
  • Comparing sizes: Which is bigger, 1/2 or 1/4? It's less abstract using the grids.
  • Equivalent fractions: Colouring reveals the same amount can look different on various grids.
  • Printable PDF: Teachers can create countless activities, even custom ones matching learners' level.

This tool bridges concrete actions with symbols. This creates a stronger 'feel' for what fractions mean, improving problem-solving later.



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