Equal Steps (B) Resource (Free Download)

Suitable for Year groups: 7

Equal Steps (B) resource description

Learners must find five missing terms in linear sequences from two given terms in order to answer this puzzle page. There are three sequences to complete per page and terms given are not always consecutive. This version will see pupils counting forwards and backwards in 6s, backwards by 101 each time into negative numbers and finding the midpoint between two even numbers.

Cazoom Maths Puzzles Equal Steps (B)

Cazoom Maths Puzzles Equal Steps (B) is a dedicated resource aimed at enhancing students' understanding of mathematical sequences. This free PDF printable resource is designed to challenge students, promoting critical thinking and problem-solving skills through the exploration of sequences.


What is Cazoom Maths Puzzles Equal Steps (B)?

This resource provides a series of puzzles focused on sequences, specifically designed to help students identify and follow patterns of equal steps. It is an engaging way to reinforce the concept of sequences, making it an essential tool for students' mathematical development. The puzzles are suitable for a range of learning levels, offering a broad approach to the topic.


Why the Topic of This Resource is Important in Real Life

Understanding sequences is crucial across various real-life applications, from computer algorithms to predicting natural phenomena. Mastery of this concept equips students with the ability to approach problems logically, enhancing their analytical skills and preparing them for complex reasoning tasks in both their academic and everyday lives.


Why This Teaching Resource is Helpful for Learning

Cazoom Maths Puzzles Equal Steps (B) supports learning by engaging students in practical problem-solving activities. It encourages the application of mathematical knowledge in a context that is both educational and enjoyable, improving retention and understanding of sequences. This approach promotes independent thinking and boosts students' confidence in their maths abilities.

In summary, Cazoom Maths Puzzles Equal Steps (B) is a vital resource for educators and parents looking to support their students in mastering sequences. It offers a creative and effective way to engage with essential maths concepts, promoting a deeper understanding and appreciation of the subject.


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