Negative Number Lines -10 to 10  Resource (Free Download)

Suitable for Year groups: 5, 6, 7, 8

Negative Number Lines -10 to 10  resource description

Here is a page of number lines from -10 to 10. Useful for aiding simple addition and subtraction.

Negative Number Lines -10 to 10

What is the resource?

This PDF provides number lines extending to both sides of zero. It's designed for learners (upper primary to early secondary) starting to grasp negative numbers.


Why are negative numbers important?

They model real-world situations most basic numbers won't cover:

  • Temperatures: Below zero on a thermometer is a daily experience for students in some climates.
  • Money: Debts, budgets, and going 'in the red' all use negative values to make sense.
  • Science: Readings may dip below zero on instruments – understanding scales is essential.
  • Elevation: 'Below sea level' isn't possible to show numerically without negatives.


Why is this resource helpful?

Number lines make this tricky concept more visual and easier to grasp:

  • Zero's meaning: It becomes a 'centre', negative numbers the mirror image across it.
  • Adding & subtracting: 'Hops' now go right OR left, revealing the rules of negatives clearly.
  • Less memorization: Seeing patterns means better understanding and less focus on tricks.
  • Printable PDF: Teachers can give every student the tool for practice & visualisation.

Negative numbers open up advanced maths. These number lines build intuition about how operations with both positive and negative numbers work.



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