Number Lines to ten  Resource (Free Download)

Suitable for Year groups: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Number Lines to ten  resource description

Here is a page of number lines from 0 to 10. Useful for aiding simple addition and subtraction.

Number Lines to Ten

What is the resource?

This PDF provides a series of simple number lines starting at 0 and ending at 10. Ideal for early primary learners building fundamental numeracy.


Why are number lines important?

They bridge counting and number sense, which has an impact far beyond maths class:

  • Visualising quantity: Kids see how '5' isn't just a word, but represents the amount on the line.
  • Everyday measures: Rulers, timelines, thermometers... the number line principle underlies them all.
  • Addition & subtraction: 'Hops' back and forth on the line make the calculation more physical.
  • Building estimation: Is my answer close to where it should be on the line? Builds intuition.


Why is this resource helpful?

This basic format supports many early maths activities in flexible ways:

  • Counting practice: Kids mark dots as they count aloud – building one-to-one skills.
  • Comparing amounts: Which number is 'bigger' gets visual meaning compared to the line.
  • Missing numbers: Challenges spotting what's missing on a partly blank line.
  • Printable PDF: Provides endless 'scratch paper' for number exploration across any lesson.

This humble tool makes counting 'sticks'. Learners start seeing numbers as more than just recitations, which lays a strong foundation.



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