Place Value Example Resource (Free Download)

Suitable for Year groups: 5, 6, 7

Place Value Example resource description

This place value example shows a number in the millions with two decimal places and each one is labelled with its place value name e.g. ten thousands.

Place Value Example

What is the resource?

This PDF provides work examples demonstrating how numbers fit into place value charts. Designed for primary maths classrooms and at-home study.


Why is place value important?

It's the  foundation for working with quantities larger than a child can picture directly:

  • Number size comparison: The grid makes it obvious why 465 is bigger than 406, despite the length.
  • Adding & subtracting: Keeping columns aligned is vital, even if done 'mentally' later – this breaks down why.
  • Decimals: Using a place value grid that extends out helps grasp numbers smaller than the 'ones'.
  • Further maths: Understanding of huge values (science) or tiny ones (currency) ties back to place value.

Why is this resource helpful?

It offers examples & clarity, not just repeating  a rule kids must 'get' eventually:

  • Multiple number lengths: Show examples with varying digits – prevents overreliance on 3-digit problems.
  • Step-by-step: Breaks down actions needed, so learners imitate this method on their own work.
  • Focus on common errors: Zeros as placeholders trip kids up – examples model where to take extra care.
  • Printable PDF: Perfect for 'cheat sheet' homework help, tests, or to include during practice with other work.

This gives kids a reference to check against. It promotes self-correction skills with less frustration, which keeps learners willing to persevere.



Also, have a look at our wide range of worksheets that are specifically curated to help your students practice their skills related to place value. These teaching resources and worksheets are in PDF format and can be downloaded easily.



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