The Fibonacci Sequence Resource (Free Download)

Suitable for Year groups: 7, 8, 9, 10

The Fibonacci Sequence resource description

This resource displays the Fibonacci number and explains the method to find the next terms. It can be used as a poster or a handout.

The Fibonacci Sequence

What is the resource?

This PDF delves into the fascinating world of the Fibonacci sequence.  It explains how the sequence works, explores its mathematical properties and is suitable for secondary school students.


Why is the Fibonacci sequence important?

The Fibonacci sequence hides in plain sight throughout nature! Petals on flowers, the spirals of seashells, and even the growth of tree branches often follow this pattern. Understanding it gives us insight into the hidden maths behind the natural world.


Why is this resource helpful?

This resource makes the seemingly complex Fibonacci sequence easy to understand. Here's how:

  • Step-by-step explanation: Breaks down how the sequence is generated, number by number.
  • Visual examples: Illustrates the sequence to reinforce the pattern.
  • Connections to nature: Emphasises how the Fibonacci sequence occurs in plants, animals, and beyond.
  • Discoveries to be made: Encourages students to explore and uncover other Fibonacci wonders.
  • Printable PDF: Perfect for reference in the classroom or at home.

This resource isn't just about rote learning. It sparks curiosity about the intricate maths patterns that shape the world around us.



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