Decimals Worksheets

Our worksheets are designed to help students put decimals in order. We have a wealth of resources available for all levels to help children master the art of decimals, and all of our activities are designed to make learning about decimals fun and enjoyable. Our decimals worksheets are clearly presented and engaging, displaying this essential information in an easy to follow format. Whether your child or pupil needs help with adding and subtracting decimals, or they are puzzled by multiplying and dividing decimals, our resources will guide them through everything they need to know about decimals and give them plenty of questions to practice their knowledge.

Adding Multiplying & Dividing Decimals Worksheet

The resources we have available on Cazoom Maths cover everything children need to know about comparing decimals. Our worksheets range from introducing the topic of decimals, to answering complex questions involving multiple functions. All of our decimals problem sheets are supplied with answers so you can check how well students are doing, and target areas for revision.

The Importance of Decimals in Everyday Life

When something isn’t quite a whole number, we usually use a decimal.

Any time continuous data is being handled, such as height, weight and distance, decimals will be useful. It is very rare that when you go on a journey, the distance travelled is an exact whole number. If you are going on a hike, you will want to know the distance you are walking to a high level of accuracy in order to work out what supplies you need to take with you. Measuring the distance to one or two decimal places will be beneficial in this situation. 

Currency is another example in which we use decimals in our everyday lives. You might not be consciously thinking about all the decimals problems you did in school when you buy your groceries, but you know that in order to buy a bag of pears for £2.40, you will need one pound and forty pence. You might also need to add up several amounts containing decimals in order to work out whether you have enough money to pay for your shopping. Adding and subtracting decimal numbers is also much simpler than with fractions, which is another reason why currency amounts are represented using decimals.

Prepare Your Students Well with Decimal Worksheets

Decimals are very important in our everyday lives.

We need them in order to measure things precisely. Given that knowledge of decimals will be used every day, it is important to prepare current students well. Using decimals worksheets is an excellent way to make sure students are confident on this important skill, especially those which include real life examples and fun activities.