Position of Decimals Example  Resource (Free Download)

Suitable for Year groups: 5, 6, 7

Position of Decimals Example  resource description

This position of decimals example shows the impact of multiplying by 10 as 0.01 increases to 10,000.

Position of Decimals Example

What is the resource?

This PDF shows how decimals fit into a place value table, offering worked examples.  Designed for learners struggling with this concept (upper primary or early secondary).


Why are decimals important?

They let us accurately express quantities that fall between whole numbers:

  • Money: Pennies, cost of food items per kg etc. all make sense because we have decimal notation.
  • Measurement: Rulers, and weighing scales... often show the 'bits' between main marks as decimals.
  • Science & data: Small differences matter – using decimals is how accurate measuring tools are read.
  • Further maths: Even advanced calculations build on these core skills, understanding place value early is crucial.


Why is this resource helpful?

Decimals often seem trickier than they are; this resource eases learners' confusion:

  • Clear table format: Extends place value grid familiar from 'hundreds, tens, ones' with the same logic.
  • Shows common errors: Mistakes with zeros are pinpointed with 'why it's wrong' for self-checking.
  • Step-by-step guide: Explains how to write both a spoken decimal and one with digits into the grid.
  • Printable PDF: Great as a study aid stuck near where work is done, or used directly during a test.

This makes decimals 'fit'  rather than feel random. This eases the transition into adding, multiplying, etc. with more confident manipulation of the values.



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