Standard Form Examples  Resource (Free Download)

Suitable for Year groups: 8, 9, 10

Standard Form Examples  resource description

Here is a list of eight examples of numbers in ordinary and standard form. Numbers in standard form have positive and negative powers of ten.

Standard Form Examples

What is the resource?

This PDF focuses on worked examples, showing steps for writing numbers in standard form (and back to normal). For learners needing practice with the method itself.


Why is standard form important?

Writing big/small numbers is only the start. This format underpins loads of real-use maths:

  • Science calculations: Tiny changes, particle masses, astro distances - it's the only way to avoid errors.
  • Comparing data: News often gives huge figures which blur in standard form scale differences get obvious.
  • Engineering work: Safety tolerances in buildings have zero room for misplaced decimals – precision is vital.
  • Further maths!: Lots of harder work later needs solid mastery of the shifting decimals that this technique uses.


Why is this resource helpful?

It lets kids solidify their understanding by  matching problems to working out steps:

  • Varied difficulty level: Mixes large & tiny values, ensuring both positive/negative powers have equal focus.
  • Answers are shown too: Allows self-checking on the spot. If errors pop up, they can 'trackback' through logic.
  • Supports 'why, not just how': Includes a mix of real-world scale numbers – so it stays grounded
  • Printable PDF: Teachers can give every student the same base problems, and then adjust later tasks easily.

This 'trains' them to spot when the standard form is the right tool. It removes fear when answers pop up weirdly on calculators.. kids recognize this format and know a quick fix!



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