Why Worksheets Are an Essential Tool for Teaching Your Kids

Why Worksheets Are an Essential Tool for Teaching Your Kids

The secret weapon of the savvy homeschooler, worksheets are an essential teaching tool. They make you a more effective teacher, help your child learn faster and gain a stronger grasp of the material, and can even make lesson time more enjoyable. That’s why, in this article, we look at eight benefits to using worksheets for […]

Top Tips for Creating the Perfect Homeschooling Schedule

top tips for creating the perfect homeschooling schedule

A homeschooling schedule is a great tool to make sure your child stays on track and gets exactly the education they need. But it’s also useful for you as a parent. A schedule keeps you organised, makes teaching easier, and helps you get the most out of each day, so you can balance the demands […]

How to Homeschool Your Kids When You’re Working From Home

how to homeschool your kids when you're working from home

With thousands of schools closed in response to the coronavirus, parents throughout the world now suddenly find themselves in an emergency homeschooling situation. You didn’t sign up to be a teacher, but now you find yourself filling that role, and, to make matters worse, there’s no headteacher you can send them to, no teacher’s lounge […]

4 ways to help your students develop good study habits

It’s the start of another new academic year, and in secondary schools across the country, new year sevens are settling into new routines in their schools. The habits and behaviour patterns which students form at this crucial stage can be very important for future learning in maths. It’s much easier to embed new practices and […]

New Maths Worksheets

Hello! We have been working hard over the summer months on a range of new maths worksheets. The new worksheets will expand our offering to cover topics such as: Algebraic reasoning and proof Inverse Operations Sets and Venn Diagrams Functions Plus several more topics…. We will be uploading new maths worksheets every week for the […]

KS3 and KS4 Maths Worksheets by Year Group

Dear All, We have updated the site to show all our worksheets organised by year group. You can now navigate the site by both topic and by year group, which we hope makes it easier to find the resources you are seeking. Each year group has a separate page, such as year 7 maths worksheets […]

Competition Time!

It’s competition time at Cazoom!  We are offering free lifetime premium membership to the Cazoom member that designs the best maths worksheet on one of the following topics: – Algebraic Division (Years, 8, 9 or 10) – Recognising Geometric/Arithmetic Sequences (Years 10,11) – Using Fractions in Ratio Problems (Years 10,11) In addition to the winner receiving free lifetime premium […]

Teaching Kids How to Think For Themselves

Teaching kids how to think for themselves

Thinking. We all do it. It’s natural right? Kids don’t have to learn how to breathe, so why do kids have to learn how to think? What about if thinking wasn’t as natural as we tend to assume? What about if thinking, or not thinking, was an art that we could teach kids to perfect? […]

Fun Maths Puzzles

algebra maths puzzle

Shady Expressions (Easy)Download… Shady Expressions (Medium)Download… Draw The Axes (Easy)Download… Draw The Axes (Easy)Download… Draw The Axes (Medium)Download… Draw The Axes (Medium)Download… Draw The Axes (Hard)Download… Number Patterns (Easy)Download… Number Patterns (Medium)Download… Number Patterns (Hard)Download… Missing Multiplication Grids (Easy)Download… Missing Multiplication Grids (Easy)Download… Missing Multiplication Grids (Medium)Download… Missing Multiplication Grids (Medium)Download… Missing Multiplication Grids (Hard)Download… […]